>things are coming together…

>aaron and i have been able to make some plans regarding our ceremony and reception… we want to buy a house instead of renting an apartment or house. we want our own place (we have TONS of furniture and just stuff that we need space for!) and we’re going to stay in the area for awhile. both of our families live here and it’d be nice to raise kids where they can see their grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

here are the current plans:
wedding – at FCC; pastor rick is our officiant

reception – instead of dishing out a ton of money to rent a hall and all that jazz, we’ve decided on having an open house/housewarming party at whatever place we decide to live. people can come and go, enjoy food, be comfortable and casual… and since we’ll have so many kids coming to the wedding, they can go home and get a nap or lunch or whatever before they come over. that’s the plan, anyway.

my dress is almost done! i’ve gained a few pounds, but it fits wonderfully still. i won’t need someone to do my hair since i’ll probably keep it short. you know what it’s like when you find a cut and a hairdresser that you like.

we both have cars now; aaron bought one a few weeks ago. my car still has two years left on the loan, but his will be paid off right around the time we get married. hopefully his will last for a long time! (it’s a ’98 ford escort).

all in all, things are coming together and since we’ve been engaged for six months, some of the pressure is off. we’re just enjoying being engaged.

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