>only six and a half months!!

>as always, things change constantly. that’s the only immutable thing. in a few weeks, aaron will be looking for a new job; his internship with the church ends at the end of january. the great thing is that pastor has gotten it approved to have his car paid off (appx. $1500).

i am student teaching next semester, which i am uber-excited about. however, i have to work 25 hours per week on top of 40 unpaid hours. hopefully i’m able to save some money. my plans for the fall have changed – i have applied to ISU’s grad program in social work with a concentration in school social work… i’ve talked to a school social worker and done some research on the program and it’s exactly what i want to do!! so excited to find a program for me!

during the summer i hope to work at sylvan, possibly evolving to full-time status due to some circumstances. because of new jobs and whatnot, we will probably not be going on a honeymoon. that’s okay; i’d rather wait until winter and rent a cabin in the smokies anyway.

my dress is really almost done! all i have left is the hem. it’s really pretty and simple. i would post a pic of it, but i don’t want aaron to see it yet! (he’s actually seen it, just not on me.)

i guess that’s all the updates i have for now!

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