>On my way…

>Here you go with some updates… Aaron’s full-time at Cat, now, with full benefits, paid vacation, all the goodies. We found an apartment in north Peoria, a great location for us since we still want to be able to easily visit our families but also need to be closer to our jobs.

We don’t want to move in together before we get married; however, the parents have no problem with it. In fact, my parents encourage it. It’s just not our style. So we’ve decided to tie the knot at the courthouse towards the middle of May with just our parents present and then have our church wedding the day we’ve been planning: June 21.

It’s not only for moving-in reasons, but financial reasons. If we wait until June 21 to get married, there will be a lapse in my health insurance. I’m not sure if the company kicks me off the day I graduate or if there’s a grace period. Regardless, we’re getting married the day before graduation. We are not going on a honeymoon; instead, we are going to Honduras on a trip with our church. WAY excited about that!

I found a job at the new-ish mall in Peoria for the summer and the upcoming school year. I will also continue working at Sylvan. Hopefully between both jobs our budget will stay the same.

I’m really excited to move out… one week from Friday!!