>For those of you who follow (not sure how many of you there are), lots of exciting things are happening in the next few weeks.

Aaron and I signed our lease this weekend and we get keys on Friday the 9th. I’m moving in first, and I am excited to have my own space. My car is full of boxes… it’s an interesting feeling, finally moving out after seventeen years of living in my bedroom.

Aaron and I are going to have a private ceremony at the courthouse on May 16th, just eleven days from now! We want to move in together, but we want to do it “right”. Also, he now has health/dental insurance through Cat, and as soon as I graduate (May 17th), my parents’ insurance kicks me off. With my luck, and also just to be practical, I can’t go over a month without health insurance.

The wedding and reception are still in place. It’ll be a fun time!

I graduate in less than two weeks… the day after we get married. 🙂

I got a part-time job working at Yankee Candle at Grand Prairie. I will supplement that with working at Sylvan Learning Center. My last day at County Market is on Mother’s Day.

Needless to say, we’ve been so blessed that everything is falling into place so well. Wish us luck as we move ahead with our plans!

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