>Life as newlyweds!


Life has been stressful, wonderful, rewarding… all at once! The wedding and ceremony were beautiful and everything went smoothly. We were given a one-night-stay at Stoney Creek Inn in East Peoria from the ladies I work with in the church coffee shop. We were at the hotel by 3pm, and we went to dinner at Jonah’s, a really nice seafood restaurant. We also took a stroll on the riverfront. It was perfect in more ways than one. 😉

We’ve obviously gone back to work since then. I quit Sylvan a week before the wedding since I got promoted at Yankee to an assistant manager (there are four of us… not sure why). Money has been really tight, as we knew it would be in these summer months before I start teaching. But God has provided thus far, and I really believe we needed this to humble us. Not because we were haughty or greedy, but just to “keep it real” and remind us Who we belong to.

Aaron’s job has been going well. He works full-time, 40 hours, and a few times during the week he picks up a few 12-hour days. When I’m home on those days, it gets kind of lonely. However, the alone time has been good for my soul and mind and keeps me in check. I occupy my time with cooking and cleaning, of course, and even though this is an apartment, there’s a lot to clean! I’ve been trying my hand at cooking, usually just using whatever we have. Aaron is satisfied so that’s good!

We’re very excited for our first trip out of the country together, and on missions no less, to Honduras. We’ll definitely post pictures on our return (we’re going in the beginning of August).

I’ve been having some major baby fever lately. I got to see our four-month-old niece this weekend, and that didn’t help matters any. Also, we’re taking care of our other two nieces and nephew while my brother- and sister-in-law are out of town with their church. Again, not helping matters. Aaron jokes and says that one quick look at the checkbook put us in our place. So true. I don’t know how people do it.

So what about kids? Our goal is to wait until we buy a house to start a family. By that time, we’ll be more mature (hopefully, haha) and more financially stable – hopefully we can afford for me to either stay at home or work just part time. I’m excited for when we do have children, though. Aaron will be a great dad. They will have a big happy loving family and lots of cousins to play with. It’ll be fun times. Though I’m not sure where we’ll have to have our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners…

…but that’s a topic for another time.

Good night,

Mrs. W. 🙂 [Weird.]

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