>Roll with the changes.

>Aaron has been working at Cat since February of this year. Thursday the company announced that they are laying off over 800 workers at the engine production plant. Unfortunately, this lay-off affects Aaron. February 23 will be his last day, and we’ve been a little stressed out but still at peace about our further job prospects. He could collect unemployment or go back to school full-time, but we’re looking into a secure job for him. I can literally get a job anywhere I go, being a certified teacher and having a BA, but for him it’s a little more difficult, especially in manufacturing, which is where he has experience.

This news comes in the midst of other unfortunate events – his grandparents’ house burned down just a couple weeks ago. His sister-in-law’s father has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. However, despite the unfortunate events, we have been still strong in our faith and amazed by the overwhelming sense of peace.

Needless to say, I no longer suffer from “baby fever”. It’s easy to want a child when so many people I know are having them! For them, it is their time. We are so young still (I am 22, he is 24) and so we have plenty of time.

We are weighing our options and hope to keep everyone up-to-date about our next steps! Despite whatever our plans may be, I still plan on beginning my Master’s in Teacher Leadership at the University of Illinois at Springfield. The program is totally online, so it can go wherever I go. I am taking out loans, but I might as well do this now before we have children.

This coming week is so busy with visiting and spending time with family. Looking forward to it!

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