>Now that we know more…

>Aaron enlisted in the US Army a couple weeks ago. He will be shipping out for Basic Training in April. His further training will be in Arizona at Ft. Huachuca. We have decided after a lot of discussion that I will stay here and work through next school year (2010). After that, who knows, but we figure in these uncertain economic times it’s wisest for me to keep a job I know I’ll have so we can pay down more debt. We’ve done long distance before… we’re not thrilled but we know if we make a sacrifice now we can live in peace in the future.

We’re still doing well with Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey! We have “Baby Step 1” done which is putting away an emergency fund of $1000. We also have our “debt snowball” going and are on our way to paying off another credit card this week! If everything goes well, a year from now we will have thousands more paid off. Thanks to different stipends we’ll be getting from the Army and great healthcare, almost my entire salary will go to paying off debt.

Just thought I’d leave you with an update! The weather is beautiful so go enjoy it!

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