>Update on debt.

>Here’s what we’ve paid off so far:

MY CAR! A 1997 Toyota Camry I bought with loan money two years ago with my parents cosigning. We paid the balance of $1,876.

BP GAS CARD – $251!

VICTORIA’S SECRET CARD! Had this account for not very long at all… stupid to even have had it! $275!

Soon to be paid off (May): CHASE MASTERCARD – $475!

Then on to paying off one more store card and two more credit cards… then we’ll be kickin’ the school loans in the butt!

>Here we go!

>First of all, thanks to all of you who made Aaron’s going-away party a success!

Aaron left for Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood (“Lost in the Woods”) in mid-April. Since then I’ve had two phone calls (one for a minute and one longer one) and one letter. Today in the mail I received the paperwork needed to get my military ID down at the National Guard base here in Peoria. As of now, I haven’t talked to Aaron since he started actual training. I’m sure he’s busy and worn out!

Some good news: He scored really well on the DLab, or the language test. His high score qualifies him to learn the hardest category of languages (there are five categories). If anything, his enlistment will be longer because of language training at DLI (Defense Language Institute). The military doesn’t actually start counting his enlistment until his training is over. So as of right now, without language training, we’ll be in for seven years even though his enlistment is for six.

I’ve been faring well since his departure. I’ve been keeping very busy with work (only four weeks left!), going to the gym (I’ve lost ten pounds over the past couple months) and church activities. I attend a Bible study on Wednesday nights and Thursday nights I have worship practice for Sunday. This past week I was home in the evening very little. Our poor cat probably thinks we’ve abandoned her!

The support for this new transition in our lives has been outstanding. God has been so good to us; I am compelled to testify of His mercy and grace. I have spent quite a lot of time in prayer and reflection. This next year will give me a good idea about how it is to live by myself and be independent although I am dependent on Aaron for many things. We will improve our communication skills as we did a few years ago when he was in Master’s Commission. We are looking forward to many aspects of this journey!

The pride I feel for my husband surpasses anything I could have imagined. I know, you’re saying, “It’s only been two weeks!” but it truly is amazing. Now for a couple pictures.

Aaron at his going-away party

Us the week before he left (he’s so skinny!)

Us with my grandparents and uncle after my Grammie was baptized

To see more pictures, check out my Photobucket!