>Update on debt.

>Here’s what we’ve paid off so far:

MY CAR! A 1997 Toyota Camry I bought with loan money two years ago with my parents cosigning. We paid the balance of $1,876.

BP GAS CARD – $251!

VICTORIA’S SECRET CARD! Had this account for not very long at all… stupid to even have had it! $275!

Soon to be paid off (May): CHASE MASTERCARD – $475!

Then on to paying off one more store card and two more credit cards… then we’ll be kickin’ the school loans in the butt!

One thought on “>Update on debt.

  1. >AWESOME~~ Way to go! you don’t know how great it will be when you kick the debt monster to the curb. We have been working really hard at it, and have just under 3 years to finish off (not including the house). If jobs get better, then we can pay more! It is such a wonderful feeling to cut a card up, or pay a bill in full!

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