>In the single digits, again.

>Since today is almost over, we’re counting it as eight days until we see each other again. I’m flying to Phoenix for Thanksgiving and it’s going to be amazing.

Here is a picture of where we’re staying the first night:

The other two nights we’re staying at a run-of-the-mill hotel. We plan on visiting a couple places in Phoenix like the zoo and botanical gardens. I get there early Thursday afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon.

Less than three weeks later, Aaron will be home for Christmas “Exodus”. All the training shuts down for two weeks. He has to take leave time, but it’s paid. And I get my break from school so it’s perfect. We plan on getting some pictures taken and spend lots of time with family; other than that, we are going to relax at home!

I will post for sure week after next after my trip!

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