>Less than 48 hours!

>I know my counting down may get annoying, but believe me, if you’ve gone any amount of time without your other half (be it better or not, haha! just kidding) you can understand where I’m at with this.

I have been packed for nearly two weeks now. I can be pretty forgetful if I wait until the last minute, and I like to pack cute outfits (of course!). Tomorrow night I hope to get to bed at a decent time as my flight leaves from Peoria at 0600 (6:00). Megan and I might go out to eat tomorrow, and that’s always a good way to pass the time.

I left work early for a doctor’s appointment and since then the day has just seemed to drag on. However, it’s been relaxing. I was able to get to the gym a couple hours earlier than usual, before the after-work rush gets there. Chris came and got the kitty since he and Emily are watching her for the weekend. Since then, I’ve been relaxing. Imagine! There is a sink full of dishes and papers that could be graded, but I’ve decided to pass up those tasks in favor of actually just sitting on the couch and watching The Biggest Loser. It’s been lovely, I must say.

So. Thursday morning I fly from Peoria to Chicago, then Chicago to Phoenix. The latter flight is about four hours, and I will be taking my Beth Moore study (we’re in the last week of Breaking Free), The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and some cross-stitching. I’m working on a custom design based on 1 John 4:18, “Perfect love casts out all fear,” to go in our bedroom. Most of the lettering is done but I have yet to perfect my design for the border.

To interject a little current event, it does not surprise me that more troops will be sent to Afghanistan. I honestly would have been surprised if more troops hadn’t been sent. When you’re living the military lifestyle, you have to be ready for anything and have patience. A lot of patience.

It has been almost a year since we received the news that Aaron would be laid off. Less than a year later, we have half of our credit card debt paid off, which could not have been done had we not just cut up the cards in February. I am proud to say we have not taken out any more loans or used any credit cards for almost a year! We have paid for everything, including travel expenses, with CASH. Can you imagine? I never would have seen Aaron and myself here a year ago. I am so thankful for everything that has transpired. Sometimes unfortunate things happen, but for the faithful servant they never end.

I will post pictures of our weekend sometime next week! Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.

One thought on “>Less than 48 hours!

  1. >How exciting it is getting so close!And man I hear you about the CCs. We still are paying off debt from years ago but for the most part we pay everything in CASH. It is such a great feeling 🙂

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