>Back to work.

>It’s felt like such a long week already. I’m glad tomorrow is Thursday. I got home on Sunday at 10:30 after landing in Peoria. Thankfully that flight was just a little delayed. Monday morning I left at 5:00 for Lisle, Illinois (west suburb) for a foreign language workshop. I honestly felt like I was going to fall asleep a couple times. Silly me for scheduling a workshop the day after a trip out-of-state. Anyway, I learned a good deal about teaching reading and vocabulary in foreign language. In fact, I’m already implementing a couple of the strategies presented.

Final exams start two weeks from tomorrow. I cannot believe how fast the semester flew. I have to type up study guides and finals. Unfortunately I can’t use the Spanish 2 and 3 exams from last year because those two levels are at completely different places this year. In the end, it’s a very good thing because they’re ahead, but it’s so time-consuming making new tests. I guess I’d rather make them than take them!

Aaron will be home in a little over two weeks and he’ll be here for about two weeks. I love being a teacher; in what other profession would I get a break that coincides perfectly with his? It will be so nice, almost unrealistic, to spend every day together and not having to work. We have a few things planned; namely, a short trip to Champaign and different family activities, but it should be relaxing overall.

On a different note, I’ve been quite lax with going to the gym lately. I have been going only a couple times a week, doing mainly cardio. While I’m maintaining, even losing, I need to make sure to go more often. Exercise is so great to de-stress and I definitely sleep better. I think I’ve also heard it strengthens your immune system. If that’s true, it’s definitely a plus.

Have a nice evening! If you’re in central Illinois, say ‘hello’ to December weather! I’m off to the gym and then relaxing for the evening.

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