>An addition to our family.


This is our new kitty, Odin. I got him from a coworker for free! He’s about eight weeks old, and I have yet to take him to the vet. I will do that early next week (payday!). I wasn’t sure if my coworker would bring me a male or female, so last night Aaron and I picked out names for both. If it were a female, it was going to be Nyx. I quite like that name better than Odin, but alas, our kitten can’t be confused. Haha. Both names are from Norse mythology. The cat we already have, Isis, is named for an Egyptian goddess. Aaron and I are kind of picky about pet names – we prefer not to give pets human or cutesy names. Nothing against those that do, however!

Isis is doing pretty well. She hisses and growls a little, but she’s mainly just curious. She’s been socialized to a dog of our friends and also the female kitten of my sister. I think they’ll get along fine. We’ve had one accident this evening but I’m confident that Isis will show him the ropes. (I realize I’m talking about these animals like they’re children; give us a break since we don’t have actual children, haha.) Odin’s not hiding out so that’s a good thing. I just forgot how sharp their little teeth and claws are at this age. When the appropriate time comes, he will be fixed and declawed (front only).

Now for a general update. Finals are quickly approaching! I spent the evening multitasking between watching The Biggest Loser finale (new season starting January 5th!) and creating study guides for my Spanish classes for their finals. I’ve found that I’m requiring a lot more this year in general so I’m having to rewrite my exams. Thankfully I have only three different classes, not four.

Aaron will be home at the end of next week for Exodus. I can’t wait to spend my whole break with him… so glad I don’t have to work! We won’t always get this lucky.

Well, beloved cyberspace, I’m off to bed. Have a great rest of the week and wherever you are be safe with the commencement of the winter weather!

One thought on “>An addition to our family.

  1. >What a darling new addition to your family. I am sure he will give you many hours of laugh, and cuddle comfort on nights you are missing Aaron. Tell Aaron hi for us. We miss you both, and hope all continues to go well!

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