>Six days! + work.

>My wonderful husband comes home for Exodus in six days. Honestly, it’s been hard to be outwardly excited about it this week because I’m in the process of writing and administering finals in addition to preparing my students to take it! Everyone already has study guides and everything they need to study. For next week I have to write Spanish 2 and 3’s finals (just finished 1’s today!) and get some review games ready.

My boss observed one of two sections of Spanish 3 class yesterday. I thought that the class went well overall. A few students presented their comic strips and then we did an interactive vocabulary activity and a comprehension activity. Everyone was involved and engaged during the whole class period. The upper levels are what I don’t feel as comfortable teaching since I hadn’t been familiar with tried-and-true methods, but since my conference two weeks ago I’ve been trying different strategies and they seem to be working really well. I’m very happy with the progress we’ve all made this semester.

I got paid today and Aaron gets paid early next week so I will be getting all the bills ready. We pay almost all bills online or they are deducted automatically. I’m also making our grocery list for when he’s home. This week I need to wash sheets, rugs, and clothes and bake some cookies. I know he doesn’t care if everything is perfect, but I care.

Update on the kittehs! They’re doing fine. Odin is now going potty in the litterpan and Isis is getting along with him just fine. I even caught her giving him a quick bath today. I think in the end they’ll be good for each other.

So… six days. There’s so much to accomplish.. I hope I can get it all done, and well!

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