>It’s been a couple weeks.

>January thankfully has flown by. It is honestly my least favorite month, not just because it’s after Christmas but because of the nasty weather. I’ve lived in central Illinois my whole life and I find this weather gets more and more on my nerves the longer I live here.

It seems we’ve not accomplished a ton in school. The first week back we had Thursday and Friday as snow days, so that was a four-day weekend. This past Monday we had MLK, Jr. Day off and just yesterday we had a day off because there was no power in the community where I teach. Even with the three snow days our last day as teachers is May 25, which seems early to me.

Leah, my youngest sister, was in a bad car accident last Friday. My mom called me on my lunch at work to tell me. She lost control on a hilly, windy road and slammed into a tree going about 45 mph (it was completely not her fault). Her left hip was fractured so on Monday she had surgery to put a plate and six screws in place. She went home yesterday. The truck she was driving, however, wasn’t so lucky. Looking at the pictures makes me so thankful more damage was not done. It was truly the grace of God that kept her safe.

So, having a sporadic work week and being at the hospital a lot makes for a very strange week. I hope things will get back to normal soon.

On an unrelated note, Aaron and I had some photos taken over his break by our friend Mila. I will share a few with you here. We are so pleased with how they turned out!

I’m definitely enjoying my “me” time when not at work or other activities. I’ve been reading, working out and dabbling in a few crafty projects. I cannot wait until it gets warmer outside! This cold weather and dreary skies are killing me! Spring cannot come soon enough.

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