>"Crafty projects" – past and future.

>I love to sew. If I didn’t work full-time, I would sew a lot. I have made my prom dress, wedding dress, flower girl dresses and other projects. We have this couch that was a hand-me-down, as is virtually all of our other furniture. In fact, I think the only furniture we have bought ourselves is a futon and two bookshelves. Anyway, this couch was my parents’ and it’s about 15 years old. However, it’s still in good condition. For the amount it would cost to get it redone professionally we might as well buy a new couch. Ready-made slipcovers are about $60-100, but they never fit quite right and you can tell it’s a slipcover. Hmm… why am I trying to justify this new project?

I came across this website when looking for instructions and inspiration on making a slipcover. She goes into detail and has pictures of virtually every step. With a twinkle in my eye and a “bring it on” attitude, I decided that I was going to go for it.

I went to JoAnn’s tonight and got muslin to make the pattern. I definitely won’t start on it tonight because I would stay up way too late. Tomorrow, maybe.

This is our couch now:

 I would like to refinish it with a microfiber fabric of a dark brown or tan color.
Because I’m posting about projects, here are a couple things I’ve done within the last few months…
Placemats for Christmas made of greeting cards:

And this is what I made for Aaron as part of his Valentine’s Day package. It’s made out of black foam board, ribbon, pictures, and scrapbooking paper written with Sharpie marker. The quotes are from our favorite movies or moments. (Back and front)

(Please feel free to steal any ideas! My great-grandma and great-aunt made placemats like that so I wanted to make my own.)

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