>Ode to stitchery.

>Well, I run the risk of stepping on pins in the living room. I’ve started my project of making a slipcover for the couch. I forgot to take pictures of making the pattern for the cushions. That was interesting since we have t-shaped cushions. I’m not entirely sure how long it will take from project beginning to end.. hopefully it’s before we PCS. I think I will try the piping as well. Yeah, I know, I’m making it as challenging as possible.

I love the whole process of sewing. I love how I can spend hours on a project and not even think about anything else. It’s such a productive hobby.. whether lovely or not, the outcome is a physical product. I love putting seams together and sewing them. I love the sound of the machine and even the slight electrical smell of it. I love turning out a seam after it’s been sewn, most of the time. There are times when it’s not so pretty. I have a bad habit of not always taking my time with things and it’s at times like that when the seam ripper becomes my best friend. That’s probably why I have a few of them.

The last big sewing project I did was a dress I made last Memorial Day weekend. Turns out it’s too big for me now, but I made that dress in about fourteen hours. One night I was up from 9PM to 4AM working on it.

If we don’t have school tomorrow I will try to get the rest of the pattern done. That’s exciting.

In other news, we ordered a lamp from JCPenney that was on sale for $25 marked down from $140! With shipping to store it ended up being $33. It will go in the living room. The next step is to get a new table lamp and get rid of an ugly ’70’s gold lamp!

Here’s our new lamp.. sorry the pic isn’t bigger.

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