>Weight goal accomplished!

>I don’t have a scale at home. If I did, I’d probably weigh myself too often. Instead, on Saturday mornings before my workout (and before eating, haha) I weight myself with the “real” scale at the gym. At one point, I weighed in at 196, which for my height of 5’10” my BMI was 28 (overweight). Today, I weighed in at 155, which is a BMI of 22ish. Now I’m in the healthy range and I can definitely feel it! It took me about a year… I averaged about one pound a week, a healthy weight loss. I am back to what I looked like in high school. I really think that running and other high-energy cardio has helped me keep it off. I feel great. I fit into a size 8 pant, but most of the ones I have now are 10. I haven’t been that size since eighth grade. I remember that my confirmation dress was a size 8.

The problem I’ve encountered is that I’m having to get rid of a lot of my bottoms… skirts, jeans, capris from last summer. However, I went shopping at Goodwill here on Pioneer Parkway last night and got two long sleeve sweaters, two short sleeve sweaters that I can wear over long sleeve shirts or camis, a pair of dress pants, a pair of jeans, two pairs of capris I can wear to work and a dress for $44! The dress needs to be altered the slightest bit, but it won’t be hard to do that. That will be my Easter dress when to go to Arizona in April. I couldn’t believe all the nice things I found. I always go there first and if I can’t find what I’m looking for there, that’s when I raid the clearance at Target, Old Navy, or JCPenney.

I feel confident that I will run my 5K in May in 30-31 minutes. Last time I ran it was a couple weeks ago at 31:30. I just never thought I’d be into fitness. But now that I am, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

2 thoughts on “>Weight goal accomplished!

  1. >Woohoo! Congratulations on the weight loss. It's tough to take off the weight and when you do it's almost too fun to go clothes shopping. Good for you for finding second hand bargains.

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