>Three whole days!

>Until I fly out to see my man! I’m so excited! Three months have passed pretty quickly.

We have school Monday-Thursday of this week but I’m taking Thursday off. We go back the following Wednesday. It’s not a long break, but I’m ready to get this year over with. I’m getting antsy and so are the kids. Friday was one of those days when no one wanted to be there.. not that we had bad attitudes, we were just in a perpetual state of distraction.

It looks like we’re going to be getting an apartment off post. I haven’t called the on post housing at Ft. Sam but I’ve heard varying things that the wait list is anywhere from six to twelve months. We’re going to take a look at our budget and see if we should get a smaller place for cheaper and pocket some of the BAH or get a more spacious apartment. There are some really nice-looking complexes around the area in good parts of town.

We really can’t do a whole lot until Aaron has paper orders. The class in front of him who graduates a couple weeks before him already has them so maybe that means he’ll get his soon. I’ve been trying to find a good place to move our piano to my cousin’s house in Pekin. He and his wife are going to keep it for us while we’re moving around. It’s a Cable upright, built in 1927 and passed down from my great-grandmother. So far the only quote I’ve received has been $1000! That’s insane. There’s gotta be somewhere who will do it for cheaper.

I’ve been feeling sick for about the past week with a cough and cold.. it’s probably allergies. I hope I feel better soon. I’m gonna try to go tonight and tomorrow without taking medicine and see how it goes.

I forgot to mention that my car did not need a new rack and power steering pump, which would have been $900ish. It needed a new upper strut mount on the right front and the belts needed to be readjusted. That was $288. I got it aligned yesterday at a different place because the other place I took it to didn’t have an alignment rack. I also got an oil change.. so altogether it was $104. It’s so nice to be able to pay cash for things.

After this upcoming visit, it’s only six weeks until I fly out again a week before his graduation!

>It’s all a matter of perspective.

>The last two days at work have been interesting. I wasn’t very tactful in my approach to telling my students I am moving. I just said, “I have to tell you something,” at which point they asked if I was pregnant. To which I said an emphatic “no”. “I’m moving to Texas.” Third hour thought I was playing a really mean joke on them. Yesterday sucked; can we just sum it up that way? I’ve never left a job I’ve really truly enjoyed day-to-day, where it doesn’t really feel like work. Even during my first two weeks of teaching full-time I felt that way.

For them, it’s a loss. For me, it’s a small loss in comparison to what life will hold in a few months. Will I work full-time? I’m not sure. I definitely won’t be bored, though! I’m looking forward to getting involved in a new church, making new friends, driving new interstates, learning the inner workings of new Walmarts and Targets, and seeing 1.1 million new faces.

As I think about what moving will be like, I think, What will be the downfalls? Well, we will be 1100 miles from both our families: parents, siblings, nieces and nephew, adorable second cousin (coughAdelinecough). We will miss our church family. But overall, I think it’s time to move on. I don’t mean that as a knock on life here in Illinois, it’s just that we knew we wouldn’t be comfortable in any one place for too long. I’ve known that for almost seven years.

I love how early spring in the evening smells… I will miss this for sure. In almost every aspect, I’m going into this change blindly. Honestly, I think it’s better for me that way. Sometimes being naive is not so bad.

>Two weeks!

>I can’t believe it’s been sixty-plus days since I’ve seen my handsome soldier. Two more weeks and he is mine! I can’t wait for the warm weather and beautiful landscape of southeastern Arizona. I’m going to take the Peoria Charter Coach up to Midway instead of driving up there. It departs from Bradley University’s Student Center and is only $70 round trip. To park at Midway is around $15/day plus gas and a headache from trying to maneuver around a part of Chicago I’ve never been to.

I am working on my application to the University of Texas at San Antonio for their Certificate in Spanish Translation program. It’s only fifteen hours and I think I will get a military rate for tuition. If MyCAA doesn’t pay for it we will just pay in cash. It might take longer that way, but I refuse to take out more loans. This will give me an option for a more diversified career. Eventually I would love to be a professor of Spanish lit, but I feel like that goal is far-off for now.

I’m off to bed.. exhausted from not getting a full night’s sleep for awhile now. Just been so busy!

>All of $15!

>We inherited four dining room chairs from my in-laws when we got married and for the past two years I’ve been wanting to recover the seats. They were a red color…

 And I had bought a red striped fabric this summer to redo them. However, I decided I wanted a neutral color so that any decorations we used would go with them. I found 1 1/4 yards of upholstery fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday in the clearance bin for only $6.74! It was the perfect size. I bought a small staple gun for $8 and staples for $2. I used a screwdriver to unscrew the seat from the chair.

I measured the fabric informally and stapled it. So easy! The great thing was that there were so many layers on the chair that I didn’t need to add padding. I’m not sure I had it or thought about it anyway.

So here is the almost-finished product.

The chairs have two little knobs each, and we’re missing a couple. I’ll take the remaining knobs off and get a piece of a dowel rod to fit in the place. I also would like to sand these babies down and revarnish them to match our awesome and antique kitchen table. But that’s for another spring weekend when it’s not raining so I can do it out on the balcony.

Anyway, this was probably the easiest project I have ever attempted in my life. And it was so cheap!

>Hello, Texas!


Aaron got projected orders on Tuesday for Fort Sam Houston, Texas! He reports in late June, shortly after his graduation from AIT in Arizona. We are so excited to relocate to the San Antonio area. I know that his orders technically could change, but most likely they won’t.

It’s so interesting because I had decided to put in my resignation at work next week regardless of whether we knew where we were going or not (Hebrews 11:8!) just in faith that everything would work out. Lo and behold, it did. God is faithful.

Some things I have accomplished since Tuesday are:

  • got new car and renter’s insurance with USAA since there are no AmFam agents in Texas
  • opened new bank accounts with USAA and get Aaron’s direct deposit changed
  • applied for a review of credentials through the board of education in Texas
  • applied for a couple jobs in area districts
  • applied for jobs at Sylvan centers
  • applied for other random jobs
  • contacted people for recommendation letters
  • looked up different races in SA that Aaron and I can run together 🙂
  • looked up average temps.. no lower than 40* in the winter!

So, basically, those are the big things. There is no wait list for housing on post so that shouldn’t be an issue. I still have to:

  • call for a quote from piano movers (my cousin Bryan and his wife Michelle are taking our piano while we’re moving around… it’s an antique and family heirloom)
  • get all our medical and pet records together
  • change the electronic debit of some of our bills
  • change my Tricare region and get on Prime when we get there (I’m on Standard now)
  • enjoy the last ten weeks of school!
  • pack for Arizona (going there April 1-6)
  • go through different things in the apartment to give away or sell
  • get car fixed next week – it needs a new rack and power steering pump
  • get contact lens exam soon

Fellow Army wives, if you can think of anything else let me know!

I will definitely miss family and our church family here, but we are excited to not only live together again but in a place with great opportunities for both of us. The Lord called me into a career in Spanish for a reason. He knew everything would happen before the foundation of the world. I’m so glad I’m not in charge of things!

>Life = happy.

>Do you ever wonder when things are going well when it’s all gonna hit the fan? I used to worry about that; now I’m just enjoying life. Things are going well for us right now, as you have been reading. Though plans for moving are up in the air, we know that we definitely won’t be homeless; the Army will place us somewhere! I am so thankful for the sacrifice we’ve made over the past year. I’m telling you, I wouldn’t go through the past year again if you paid me. The growth (financial, spiritual, relational) has been downright wonderful, but it’s been refined by the fire of trial and testing.

On March 14, it will have been eleven months since I dropped off Aaron at the recruiter’s office in the dark and said goodbye to cuddly nights and romantic dinners and hello to a whole lot of Jesus. Relatively, this year has passed quickly. I think it helps when you have milestones every couple months. After our successful year of growing individually and in our marriage (seriously could not be more in love!), I know deployment will be okay. Not easy, that’s for sure, but okay. We will get through it. And honestly, we don’t really have a choice.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m sugarcoating anything. We’ve both had our bouts with troubling circumstances. I spent a weekend in Champaign in June staying with my grandma while my grandpa had major surgery. I personally have had a lot of family issues over the past year. I have also had a lot of personal issues that I feel have been resolved. Remember when I went and joined the Army? Yeah, that was interesting. Remember when I said I was gonna stay here for who knows how much longer and do my Master’s? Yeah, that was interesting too. I’m glad I’m done making decisions on my own without Someone’s input.

Life is happy. Life is adventurous.

And I love my husband.