>Life = happy.

>Do you ever wonder when things are going well when it’s all gonna hit the fan? I used to worry about that; now I’m just enjoying life. Things are going well for us right now, as you have been reading. Though plans for moving are up in the air, we know that we definitely won’t be homeless; the Army will place us somewhere! I am so thankful for the sacrifice we’ve made over the past year. I’m telling you, I wouldn’t go through the past year again if you paid me. The growth (financial, spiritual, relational) has been downright wonderful, but it’s been refined by the fire of trial and testing.

On March 14, it will have been eleven months since I dropped off Aaron at the recruiter’s office in the dark and said goodbye to cuddly nights and romantic dinners and hello to a whole lot of Jesus. Relatively, this year has passed quickly. I think it helps when you have milestones every couple months. After our successful year of growing individually and in our marriage (seriously could not be more in love!), I know deployment will be okay. Not easy, that’s for sure, but okay. We will get through it. And honestly, we don’t really have a choice.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m sugarcoating anything. We’ve both had our bouts with troubling circumstances. I spent a weekend in Champaign in June staying with my grandma while my grandpa had major surgery. I personally have had a lot of family issues over the past year. I have also had a lot of personal issues that I feel have been resolved. Remember when I went and joined the Army? Yeah, that was interesting. Remember when I said I was gonna stay here for who knows how much longer and do my Master’s? Yeah, that was interesting too. I’m glad I’m done making decisions on my own without Someone’s input.

Life is happy. Life is adventurous.

And I love my husband.

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