>Hello, Texas!


Aaron got projected orders on Tuesday for Fort Sam Houston, Texas! He reports in late June, shortly after his graduation from AIT in Arizona. We are so excited to relocate to the San Antonio area. I know that his orders technically could change, but most likely they won’t.

It’s so interesting because I had decided to put in my resignation at work next week regardless of whether we knew where we were going or not (Hebrews 11:8!) just in faith that everything would work out. Lo and behold, it did. God is faithful.

Some things I have accomplished since Tuesday are:

  • got new car and renter’s insurance with USAA since there are no AmFam agents in Texas
  • opened new bank accounts with USAA and get Aaron’s direct deposit changed
  • applied for a review of credentials through the board of education in Texas
  • applied for a couple jobs in area districts
  • applied for jobs at Sylvan centers
  • applied for other random jobs
  • contacted people for recommendation letters
  • looked up different races in SA that Aaron and I can run together 🙂
  • looked up average temps.. no lower than 40* in the winter!

So, basically, those are the big things. There is no wait list for housing on post so that shouldn’t be an issue. I still have to:

  • call for a quote from piano movers (my cousin Bryan and his wife Michelle are taking our piano while we’re moving around… it’s an antique and family heirloom)
  • get all our medical and pet records together
  • change the electronic debit of some of our bills
  • change my Tricare region and get on Prime when we get there (I’m on Standard now)
  • enjoy the last ten weeks of school!
  • pack for Arizona (going there April 1-6)
  • go through different things in the apartment to give away or sell
  • get car fixed next week – it needs a new rack and power steering pump
  • get contact lens exam soon

Fellow Army wives, if you can think of anything else let me know!

I will definitely miss family and our church family here, but we are excited to not only live together again but in a place with great opportunities for both of us. The Lord called me into a career in Spanish for a reason. He knew everything would happen before the foundation of the world. I’m so glad I’m not in charge of things!

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