>All of $15!

>We inherited four dining room chairs from my in-laws when we got married and for the past two years I’ve been wanting to recover the seats. They were a red color…

 And I had bought a red striped fabric this summer to redo them. However, I decided I wanted a neutral color so that any decorations we used would go with them. I found 1 1/4 yards of upholstery fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday in the clearance bin for only $6.74! It was the perfect size. I bought a small staple gun for $8 and staples for $2. I used a screwdriver to unscrew the seat from the chair.

I measured the fabric informally and stapled it. So easy! The great thing was that there were so many layers on the chair that I didn’t need to add padding. I’m not sure I had it or thought about it anyway.

So here is the almost-finished product.

The chairs have two little knobs each, and we’re missing a couple. I’ll take the remaining knobs off and get a piece of a dowel rod to fit in the place. I also would like to sand these babies down and revarnish them to match our awesome and antique kitchen table. But that’s for another spring weekend when it’s not raining so I can do it out on the balcony.

Anyway, this was probably the easiest project I have ever attempted in my life. And it was so cheap!

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