>Two weeks!

>I can’t believe it’s been sixty-plus days since I’ve seen my handsome soldier. Two more weeks and he is mine! I can’t wait for the warm weather and beautiful landscape of southeastern Arizona. I’m going to take the Peoria Charter Coach up to Midway instead of driving up there. It departs from Bradley University’s Student Center and is only $70 round trip. To park at Midway is around $15/day plus gas and a headache from trying to maneuver around a part of Chicago I’ve never been to.

I am working on my application to the University of Texas at San Antonio for their Certificate in Spanish Translation program. It’s only fifteen hours and I think I will get a military rate for tuition. If MyCAA doesn’t pay for it we will just pay in cash. It might take longer that way, but I refuse to take out more loans. This will give me an option for a more diversified career. Eventually I would love to be a professor of Spanish lit, but I feel like that goal is far-off for now.

I’m off to bed.. exhausted from not getting a full night’s sleep for awhile now. Just been so busy!