>Three whole days!

>Until I fly out to see my man! I’m so excited! Three months have passed pretty quickly.

We have school Monday-Thursday of this week but I’m taking Thursday off. We go back the following Wednesday. It’s not a long break, but I’m ready to get this year over with. I’m getting antsy and so are the kids. Friday was one of those days when no one wanted to be there.. not that we had bad attitudes, we were just in a perpetual state of distraction.

It looks like we’re going to be getting an apartment off post. I haven’t called the on post housing at Ft. Sam but I’ve heard varying things that the wait list is anywhere from six to twelve months. We’re going to take a look at our budget and see if we should get a smaller place for cheaper and pocket some of the BAH or get a more spacious apartment. There are some really nice-looking complexes around the area in good parts of town.

We really can’t do a whole lot until Aaron has paper orders. The class in front of him who graduates a couple weeks before him already has them so maybe that means he’ll get his soon. I’ve been trying to find a good place to move our piano to my cousin’s house in Pekin. He and his wife are going to keep it for us while we’re moving around. It’s a Cable upright, built in 1927 and passed down from my great-grandmother. So far the only quote I’ve received has been $1000! That’s insane. There’s gotta be somewhere who will do it for cheaper.

I’ve been feeling sick for about the past week with a cough and cold.. it’s probably allergies. I hope I feel better soon. I’m gonna try to go tonight and tomorrow without taking medicine and see how it goes.

I forgot to mention that my car did not need a new rack and power steering pump, which would have been $900ish. It needed a new upper strut mount on the right front and the belts needed to be readjusted. That was $288. I got it aligned yesterday at a different place because the other place I took it to didn’t have an alignment rack. I also got an oil change.. so altogether it was $104. It’s so nice to be able to pay cash for things.

After this upcoming visit, it’s only six weeks until I fly out again a week before his graduation!

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