>Nothing compares.

>As if I didn’t already realize this, but nothing compares to being with the one you love. No career, education or anything could keep me from being with Aaron after the next two months are over. This gets harder and harder every time we see each other.

I’ve been quite a good wifey today, cleaning up our room by doing dishes, doing laundry (it’s free here!) and packing up my things. I leave tomorrow morning about when Aaron leaves for PT. My plane takes off at 8AM, so that means I need to be at the airport by at least 7, if not earlier.

Saturday we got up at a decent time and went to Bisbee for a few hours. I conveniently forgot the camera so I have no pictures really, except for what’s on my phone, and I’m too lazy right now to upload those. Here is a picture from Google:

So cute. It was about a 30-mile drive from Sierra Vista and probably the most gorgeous drive I’ve had in awhile. Sure beats corn and soybean fields in Illinois!

Then we met up with some of Aaron’s friends and two of their wives at Texas Roadhouse. Yum. That evening we rented Inglourious Basterds. Good movie, if a little bloody.

Sunday we had every intention of getting to a church on time. After waking up around 9AM, we went to Denny’s for breakfast and it took about 45 minutes to get our food. We went to Mountain View AG. Then we went out to the Huachuca Hospitality House for Easter dinner and fellowship. It was fun, and they have a gorgeous view of the mountains. They’re down in Hereford.

Last night we went over our budget and realized that we’ve reached our financial (and main) goal for this past year apart. Just for kicks we worked out a budget with me making $45k as a full-time teacher in the San Antonio area.

I will meet Aaron for lunch soon; I made him a sandwich with some horseradish honey mustard we got at a honey shop in Bisbee. Then I’m going to a fellow Army wife’s place to hang out. Never met except on Facebook and the Army wife board we’re both on. It should be fun.

After I get home tomorrow (though I prefer to call home where Aaron is…) the countdown begins again. Somewhere around 51 days until May 28.

Have a lovely day!

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