>The last countdown.

>So, fellow bloggers, we have 53 days until I go out to Arizona for the next and final time. We’re spending two days of his four-day Memorial weekend at the Grand Canyon. I’m flying into Phoenix, and the Grand Canyon is only three hours north. We’re going with a group from the Huachuca Hospitality House. We’ll stay Friday and Saturday night with them and then go back to  post (probably a six hour drive from the GC) on Sunday.

He graduates AIT (finally! 47 weeks later…) June 3, the following Thursday. Whenever he gets cleared to leave, we plan to drive his car to Sam Houston, fly home to Illinois, get our stuff and my car and drive back to Sam Houston (San Antonio). We are planning on right now doing a DITY (do-it-yourself) move because we can make money off of it and we don’t have a ton of stuff. And of course it allows us to have complete control over when it leaves, gets there, and the fact that we’ll have everything when we get there.

Our to-do list:
-Call around to different rental properties in San Antonio
-Decide on something and put down the deposit
-Get this piano moved!
-Get boxes (I can get them from work most likely)
-Start packing!

Lord knows I’ll probably be blogging a lot.. there’s a lot on our plate right now.

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