>Thank you, Army…

>…for giving my husband a stable job with good health insurance and a decent wage.
…for helping us both be healthy again and happy with our bodies.
…for strengthening our marriage through the distance.
…for helping us realize how important life is and that it’s short.
…for providing adventure… soon to be adventure in Korea!
…for keeping us on the edge of our seats and giving us no logical choice but to rely on God.

>6,561 miles.

>Aaron’s orders changed and I guess we’re off to South Korea instead of Texas! What a shock that news was, but we’re excited. As always. Put me in a van down by the river and I’ll be excited that I’m just with him. Or at least I’ll try.

14 hours time difference, 6,561 miles away, 16-hour flight or something crazy like that. Just south of the 38 parallel. You can drive the whole country in about 2.5 hours. Hmm.

Lots to be done I suppose. Paperwork upon more paperwork.

Aaron’s in the field right now (FTX = field training exercise) for ten days. He has a levy briefing tomorrow so hopefully he’ll get paper orders. Now, wouldn’t that be nice.

Bring it on!