>Orange blossom tea and FTX.

>Aaron’s been in the field since Thursday. He called for an ever-so-brief two minutes while I was on lunch on Friday. Since then I’ve been doing really well not being able to talk to him. In fact, I get ready to get under the covers and then I remember I need to e-mail him!

Lucky for him he gets to miss my freaking out/research out the wazoo/question stage of learning that we are going to South Korea (unless his orders get changed.. again). I’ve learned so much with endless hours of research with reliable Mozilla Firefox as my companion.

I called the ACS (Army Community Services, I think) office at Rock Island Arsenal today and got some information about applying for my no-fee passport, visa, and getting my EFMP (medical) screening done. Since the screening is medical-related I can take a sick day for it. Rock Island is about a hour and a half away. I’m thankful I took a look at Army One Stop’s map of installations otherwise I would have relented to going to somewhere much farther away. The Air National Guard base here in Bartonville might have done all of that, but I like being able to talk Army and have someone understand me.

Hopefully I can get that paperwork rolling next week. Aaron has to do the rest, and then it’s up to the command sponsorship gods to decide who gets to get put in the lucky pile. I hope and pray and hope and PRAY that this doesn’t take several months. I would go crazy being here in Illinois while he’s already getting settled in Korea. And me without a job to boot.

I think I’ve done all the research I need to do.. the next step like I said is going to RI Arsenal. Now I can relax. I can’t wait to talk to him again! I think he’s done on Sunday. Six days…

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