>Year two (or year seven) in review.. first installment.

>Wow. As of May 9th of this year, we will have been “together” for seven years. I specifically remember the exact date we started being interested in each other. Yeah. I’m like that.

So much has happened in the past seven years, and the only thing I regret is staying in Peoria/Pekin for school instead of transferring to the U of I and getting married sooner. But hey, no biggie, right? 🙂 Naw, I’m glad everything worked out the way it did. It’s formed us into the adults (*gasp*) that we are today. I am 24, Aaron will be 26 in July.

So. As we near the end of this separation due to the military and our apparent “mature” decision (yes I do think it’s mature) to be apart for this year, I am reminiscing. Nay, remembering. “Reminiscing” has a more positive connotation to it I believe. Granted, there are many positive things that came out of this year, but we have missed each other like crazy. Anywho. Without further ado (actually had to look that one up for spelling).. I put on my big girl panties…


  • Aaron left for Basic the 14th for his security interview. Left for Leonard Wood the 15th I think. I had taken the day off for his swearing in, but had a crisis at school and needed to be there. 
  • Had my birthday the 22nd, which actually turned out to be very good. 
  • Finished up the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class. Got our “gazelle intensity” rollin’.

May – 

  • Finished up my first year of teaching. It was a great year.
  • I remember my in-laws taking me out to eat for my birthday at Avanti’s.
  • I remember Aaron calling me on a Saturday, which was unusual, while I was on my way to Midland’s graduation.
  • Took two days off to deal with a family emergency that scared the crap outta me. My boss was great about it.
  • Started summer!

June – 

  • Spent the first weekend down in Champaign at Carle with my grandparents. My grandpa had a tumor removed from his kidney and recovered so well. That whole situation was totally in God’s hands. Spent some very good quality time with my grandma. Really became closer to them. Never wanted to smell a hospital again, albeit a nice one. 
  • Emily got settled into her new apartment in Normal. 
  • Started swimming pretty regularly in the pool here at the apartment. Amelia and I spent a lot of time together.
  • Planned my trip to see Aaron graduate. Left Monday the 22nd, I think, a day after our anniversary. Spent two days in St. Louis to see Aunt Jane, Corky, Carol, Andy and Courtney. Had a great time even though it was hotter than Hades.
  • Stayed for two nights in godforsaken St. Robert, MO, in the Econolodge. Ick. My in-laws had it right when they stayed at the Drury in Rolla. Spent a lovely eight hours with my soldier after graduation. The next morning, saw him at the barracks and then met up with him at the St. Louis airport. Got some unexpected time together. Drove straight from St. Louis to Pekin in 2 hrs, 15 min. No stopping at “Go”, no collecting $200. Haha. Realized that we had a long haul before us.

July – 

  • Found out June 30 or so that Aaron got a four-day pass for the Fourth. Bought my ticket and started the multiple long weekends together that we’d have over the next year. Spent an awesome weekend together at Huachuca, complete with fireworks at the park. Just our little two-person family. I loved every minute.
  • Briefly considered quitting and moving. But obviously that was not financially possible.
  • Decided that I was gonna join the Army. My grandpa about figuratively drop-kicked me for that one.
  • Spent a week at my grandparents’ in Normal, but not before I told them about talking to a recruiter.
  • With my grandparents, went to the farmer’s market, Jo-Anns, went shopping at the outlet in Tuscola on our way back from Arthur.. went to Yoder’s to eat, went to Miller’s for fabric. Had a great time. They also took me to the tea room in Clinton. That was probably one of the best weeks I’ve ever had, ever.
  • Hit the -25 lb. mark on the scale.

August – 

  • Went to MEPS two days in a row.. August 3 and 4. I think. Took my ASVAB, got a 98. Took my DLab, got a 125. Scored a sweet job in MI to train for cryptolingustics. Realized that I made a huge mistake.  Got treated awful by multiple recruiters. Just a couple weeks ago from now (April 28) got a call from someone asking me to come in or call about my reasoning for not going. Did not call them back (my ship date was supposed to be June 9 of this year!)..
  • Started the school year off very excited but knowing that I was probably going to leave. Put in for the Friday before Labor Day.. Aaron came home for a four day. But I will get to that in Sept.
  • “Decided” that I was gonna stay in IL to do my Master’s. I was definitely crazy.. oh man. What in the world was going through my head? And why did I “decide” so many things?

Stay tuned for more..

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