>Year Two: Second Installment

>September – 

  • Aaron came home for his four-day Labor Day weekend. We had a cookout on that Saturday. It was so hard taking him to the airport.. we knew we’d have almost three months before we’d see each other again (Thanksgiving).
  • School kept on truckin’
  • That’s all I remember.

October – 

  • What a long month! Considered either him coming here or me going there for Columbus Day weekend but decided against it because of the lack of extra funds.
  • Amelia and I had a scrapbooking date.
  • I got my hair cut, a little.
  • I got a classy, tasteful pinup shoot done for him by my friend Mila. He had no idea; it was his surprise Christmas present.

November – 

  • Hit the -30 lb mark on my weight loss.
  • Very emotional Veterans’ Day assembly at school. Two of my students’ dad (Katharine and Mark) was in Iraq at the time, due home in February 2010. We had a conference call with him in Iraq. It was so special. The family did a presentation.
  • Awesome, amazing, fabulous trip with Aaron to Phoenix. We stayed in a resort for one night and had a Thanksgiving dinner over $100. We deserved it! Came home reluctantly but knowing that I’d see him in only three weeks for Exodus.
  • Got into Peoria’s airport at 10:30; left for Chicago the next morning at around 4:30 for an all day conference. 

December – 

  • The semester wound down nicely at work.
  • I was supposed to ref for the Lego League regional tournament but was sick that day.
  • Aaron was waiting for me in uniform at home when I got there the last day of school, December 18 I think. It was the best thing ever.
  • We had a great Exodus.. 16 days of feeling like we’re actually married, haha! He loved his gift and he got me Army gear from Victoria’s Secret.
  • Joel, our nephew, turned 10. 

And that’s all I have for right now.

I went to Rock Island Arsenal today and got all my command sponsorship paperwork taken care of. I applied for my no-fee passport and visa and actually had to get more pictures taken.. I only had two and needed three. I got all my EFMP paperwork done and pending one little piece of paper that Aaron needs to take care of and fax to me, that will be sent off to Ft. Knox within a week hopefully!

I had such a great experience with everyone I talked to today. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. I went to the wrong building initially, and asked where a certain office was. The lady I asked asked her secretary and her secretary made a phone call to find out where I needed to go. Wow. Now that’s customer service! Except I’m not really a customer..

I’m so tired. Aaron has only a couple days left in the field and I’m getting really antsy to talk to him. He’ll be so proud that I got all of this taken care of!

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