>Defining "home".

>For some reason in the past week this apartment has felt more like home. My whole life I’ve had this idyllic idea of what home is.. it’s more of a feeling than a place. You feel comfortable and at peace there. You make a family there. You laugh and sometimes cry there. You can clear your mind there.

Normally I have a hard time relaxing, more at home than at someone else’s house. Why? Because I don’t have to clean or do dishes or vacuum at others’ houses. This week I’ve actually been able to relax more. I’ve been watching TV and movies on my computer, reading, drinking tea, actually sitting in the living room. 

Maybe it’s because I know our location will change.. our home will be with us both under the same roof (and kitties, hopefully). We will be a family again. To me, it doesn’t matter if we’re 6,500 from our birthplace; home is where your heart is, truly.

So much will change in the next few months, even years. Although we are 24 and almost 26, we have a lot of growing up to do. We have been blessed that we’ve been able to grow up together for the past seven years.

2 thoughts on “>Defining "home".

  1. >You are so right. I prayed that God would help me deal with the sadness I'm feeling of leaving my hometown again. And this post was wonderful.So thank you Elizabeth and God for this post 🙂

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