>Year Two: Third Installment

>January – 

  • Aaron flew back out to AZ the 3rd. That sucked – we knew it’d be three full months until we saw each other again (spring break/Easter)
  • Leah had her accident.. she broke her hip. I believe that the Lord spared her life, and for a really good reason. She slid on the road and hit the only tree in the area, and not only that, but hit it at an angle. If she would have hit it head on she would not be here. God is good.

February – 

  • Aaron and I both got new computers, paid for in full with cold hard cash. I got a laptop and he got a new desktop.
  • Aaron sent me a really cute Willow Tree figurine for Valentine’s Day.

March – 

  • I got my hair cut and colored for the first time in about eight months. 
  • A very long month at school.
  • Aaron had weapons all month so couldn’t really leave post.
  • Got orders for Ft. Sam Houston on the 9th.

April – 

  • Went to AZ and had a lovely five days with my husband. Spent a lot of time hanging out together. Went to Bisbee for the morning one day. Met him and his buddies for lunch when he had class. Ironed his shirts. Got the privilege of washing his Velcro’d ACU’s. Went out for sushi. Went out with his buddies and their girls.
  • My birthday was the best one I’ve had I think. My students really made me feel special, as did my friends. Aaron left for FTX  the morning of my birthday (the 22nd)
  • Got orders for Yongsan, South Korea on the 21st.
  • I went to RI Arsenal on the 29th to get all my paperwork done.
  • Hung out with my aunt on the 30th for her birthday.

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