>My first 5K!


This is a picture of Gabby, me and Tammy shortly after we ran. We all did great and Tammy even had her best time and she had never run outside before! The Lord did an amazing thing because she wasn’t sure she’d be able to race because of her cold. God is good!

I finished #559 out of 824 runners with a final time of 32:17 and a pace of 10:24. Considering that I gave blood a week ago, hadn’t run a whole lot over the past month, and the weather (about 45* and windy!) I think I did well. My goal was to finish in 30:00, but this works for me. I did stop twice to walk and if I hadn’t I probably would have made my time. But I’m glad I did it. A year ago I never would have been able to run three miles!

This is a picture of Tammy, Darla, Susie, Trixie, me and Gabby. Amelia also walked. I think Barb and Terry, did, too. It was a great time. A few of us got Starbucks and then met up with the walkers. Gabby, Amelia and I went out for breakfast and had a nice time of fellowship.

My next goal is to run a half marathon, which is 13.1 miles, by the end of 2010. I’ve already done my research and there are tons of races in South Korea!

Many thanks to all the ladies who responded and joined my team (Faith for the Cure). Thanks also for making my several weeks left in Illinois special. I love you all and I look up to all of you as Proverbs 31 women.

3 thoughts on “>My first 5K!

  1. >I was really happy you "created" the team for this race :))It was great getting to (last minute) know you, you're a wonderful girl :)Thank you againGabriela

  2. >Elizabeth, you are an amazing woman who I am so privileged to know. God is going to do incredible (beyond belief/unbelievable) things in and through your life. I am thankful for facebook & blogspots – so that even when I will not be able to "be a part of them", I can still "be a part of them"Will want lots of pics & updates when you go to Korea.Know that people in Washington will be praying for & missing you lots.Thanks for organizing today – it was a blast! Tammy

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