>I have this thing where I feel like I need to be doing something productive 24/7. It started back in high school when I had Christmas break with a ton of homework to do (mean teachers, lol) and I felt guilty for not doing it. Since then, I’ve just felt this feeling of restlessness when I think there should be something done and it’s not.

This feeling has been amplified if anything in the past couple of months. Here I sit in Illinois, not knowing when I will be moving halfway around the world, and wondering if I can be doing something to get ready. I know I could pack up my winter clothes, I know I could actually unpack some of these boxes (the Army will repack it anyway), I know I could get things together to either sell somehow or give to Goodwill. Sighh.

There’s no way to know when I will be leaving. We know for sure Aaron will be there by the end of June, but my command sponsorship could go through one day and I fly out the next, leaving all our possessions in the hands of a trusted family member with a power of attorney.

It’s all I can do to not pull my hair out in frustration and anticipation. I pray for peace and calm to guide me in the next few months.

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