>for these reasons…

>…i had a good day:
=hung out with michelle, my cousin’s wife.. went shopping for knitting and sewing stuff
=hung out with my fave aunt
=talked to aaron on the phone! and IM’d with him on skype last night! being able to talk has eased much of my anxiety.. thank you Lord.. and aaron understands me and loves me despite my flaws.. i couldn’t have married a better man
=helped at the marriage banquet.. i love working in the kitchen. didn’t do any cooking, but i love serving and, gasp, cleaning

…i will miss midland:
=i love teaching. working with highschoolers on an everyday basis helped me confirm that teaching is the calling on my life
=i loved my coworkers. i’ve had some jobs i’ve liked but i really felt at midland i got along with everyone. and we had two new teachers this year who were my age so that was nice to have that connection
=the environment was pretty laid-back. like, i could give blood over my lunch at the blood drive and know that someone would be willing to cover my class. or if i left early for an appointment or something i knew people would cover for me then, too. it’s a two-way street though
=i miss my kids. yes, “my” kids. all 100 of them, plus any from last year that i didn’t have this year. they were fabulous and taught me a lot about life and patience and being able to dole out some tough love.

…i believe teaching (and possibly encouraging) is my calling/spiritual gift(s):
=i love when the light bulb goes off
=when starting to show michelle how to sew (first steps like preparing the fabric and how to read a pattern) i get this jolt of adrenaline and an excited feeling
=i’ve been doing it my whole life and i’ve never burnt out. i remember having this chalkboard that was hooked to the wall behind the recliner in the living room and teaching my sisters.. and grading their practice math tests! haha
=God’s given me boundless opportunities to practice my calling.. whether tutoring, mentoring or teaching, either informally or as my career. and i’ve loved most every minute. there are always tough times when i think, “am i cut out for this?” but then i rely on God for my strength and it all comes together!

…i am okay with this separation
=aaron could be in afghanistan or iraq. thank you Lord that right now is not his time!
=aaron could still be jobless
=it is teaching me patience that i may need for a long time, depending on how long he’s in the military.. or just for life in general
=aaron is able to experience a foreign country for himself first. like he pointed out, he’s seen me off to bolivia and spain when i’ve gone without him
=things should be ready (apartment, phones, etc) when i get there and he can show me around
=there are probably family situations that i will end up being here for. i loved being here for this past year because of big family things where i was needed to provide support
=i love playing and singing on the worship team. we have an incredible group of musicians and vocalists. i enjoy practice and God works through so many issues in my life every sunday on stage. He makes me totally transparent and real when i’m up there and i love it. i love knowing that every week there are people being healed, delivered and saved! makes me tear up just thinking about the power present there every week.
=continuing with that, i am kept transparent, and that is my prayer. anytime i think i can do this on my own, i am humbled and taught a lesson the hard way again because, alas, i can’t learn it the easy way first.. but i think with the hard way i learn it for good!
=i have some amazing friends here who love me and support what we’re doing.. and they help keep me busy, pray for me, etc. it’s great. i know though that God will provide those relationships in korea as well

so all in all, today was the best day i’ve had all week. i can feel my spirit being encouraged and redeemed day after day.. He truly never stops saving us, me from my own devices of anxiety and depression. He keeps healing me and strengthening me.. how can i deny His power and sovereignty?

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