>First week of half marathon training = a success!

>i have to admit, when i first started to think about actually running a half marathon, i was terrified. what if i fail? what if i can’t stick to the training schedule? however, I jumped in last monday and did just fine.

i’ve been running for a little over a year and in general have been happy with my progress. up until starting my weight loss program with sparkpeople, i was never moderately active for an extended period of time. i’d walk, or even try to run, but i always ended up giving up. i was never the “athletic” type throughout school so why should i start now? that was my philosophy. i’d failed even before i’d begun.

when aaron starting working out like crazy so he could join the army after getting laid off, i found the motivation i needed. he was losing weight, feeling great, looking great and i knew he’d get trimmer as he went through basic training. there was no way i was going to just let myself go even more from the 40 pounds i’d put on after high school.

i ran my 5k back in may and did it in 32:17. i ran it the other night and did it in 30:45. progress, right? my goal is to run a half marathon by the end of the year. because of the wear and tear running puts on one’s body, i’m not sure if i want to shoot for a full marathon. if i do, maybe i’ll do it only once. huh, yeah right. running is addicting. it’s an endorphin rush that is hard to surpass!

here’s what my week looked like this week, based on hal hidgon’s half marathon training schedule for novices:

monday (cross-training/strength) – 30 min. yoga (“fit for duty” podcast)
tuesday (run 3 miles) – 3.1 done in 30:45
wednesday (run 2 miles or cross) – 2 done in 20:00
thursday (run 3 miles/strength) – 3 done in 31:15 + arm exercises
friday (rest) – walked about 3mph up to park, around lagoon and back
saturday (cross-train) – i counted my walking on friday for saturday
sunday (run 4 miles) – 4 done in 46:34

i have run 4 miles once before in about 41:00. why did it take me so long this time? i wanted to make sure that i finished without stopping to walk. last time i was so out of breath and fatigued. this time i probably could have gone another mile or two at the same pace. i was also doing some hills as i ran down north university. it was definitely a leisurely run. i needed to convince myself that yes, i could run four miles all by myself and actually enjoy it.

such a feeling of accomplishment, and i love the endorphin rush! it puts me in such a good mood.

here’s to week 2 of training, which is the same set of activities. my goal is to beat some of my times and/or try intervals with speed and incline. i absolutely hate running at the gym so maybe i will go to some hiking trails, if i can find a buddy.

what i consider my accomplishments so far:
-losing 40 pounds
-eating healthier
-running four miles without stopping, even if it is at a slower pace than usual
-getting over my apprehension to running outside – now i love it!

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