>up with the sun

>ok, so i’m not up that early, but i have been getting up anywhere from 6-7 am this week. aaron calls me on skype around that time, because it’s his evening in korea. it’s been refreshing, honestly, even though i’d rather sleep till 8 or 9. but it gets my day going and then i’m tired at a decent time at night.

today i’m headed over to normal to see my grandparents and then go first-birthday-party shopping with my cousin’s wife, aunt and little addy. then i’m staying the night at emily’s. that will be fun! one of her coworkers is having us over for dinner.

i really love having a meal at someone’s house rather than eating out. it’s nice to get to know people on their own turf because they seem much more relaxed.

i have accepted the fact that i might be here for a few more months. i’m not sure how long it will be. you know how God works – as soon as you’re comfortable where you are, He moves you around again! that’s the story of my life. but i’m happy i’ve finally come to this place.

the only thing that bothers me is not having a job. we get my last paycheck in august and after that we are on a pretty tight budget. we will still be able to save and pay extra on debt. i would like to pay off this last credit card ($1200 after this month!) with the extra we’ll have from my next two paychecks. then we can really dig in to the darned student loans.

like i said before, i don’t feel led to find a job. i’m really trying to not speak out of laziness. i definitely don’t want to be lazy. but my odds are against me. i’m not going to go into a prospective employer and not tell them i’m leaving soon. they have to know why i quit my last job.

maybe i will get more involved with church. or volunteer at an animal shelter. or volunteer at a school. i don’t know. but i feel like soon the heavens will be open wide with opportunities for me, either here or in korea. i know i just need to keep praying for direction. the Lord orders the steps of the righteous.

i’m looking into some 5K races i can do over the next couple months. i’d be excited to sign up for them!

i just continue praying that God will endow aaron and me with wisdom, discernment, direction and peace. oh and love too. can’t forget that one. 😉

One thought on “>up with the sun

  1. >That's a great point about getting to know people on their own turf. I talk to our interns all the time about being good guests, since people are always inviting them over for dinner. I'll have to remember that one.

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