>sun tea weather

>i’m sitting in the nice air-conditioning watching my sun tea brew. i can’t wait to take a sip! i love how it’s still warm even after putting tons of ice cubes in it. mmm.

i had a nice time in normal. yesterday was hotter than hades, but we found everything they needed for addy’s barnyard animal themed party. we went out to lunch with my grandparents at a mexican place. i was able to practice spanish with our waiter. that was neat. since i’ve been listening to the “con todo” album by hillsong, i’ve been thinking and dreaming in spanish more.

i hung out for a little bit at my grandparents’. my grandpa is truly a master knitter and is now making hats for cancer patients. he’s made prayer shawls, purses, everything. he’s really talented. so i showed him my yoga mat bag so far and he said it was good.

emily and i went to her friend’s house for dinner. her friend and her husband live in this adorable apartment inside a huge old house. we played mario kart for the wii and ate an indian dish that her friend made. i looooove curry. it was so good, especially with the rice cooked perfectly.

i took emily grocery shopping last night for healthy food. we cooked up some stir fry and brown rice at midnight. it was delicious though. i had only a bite as it was way past my bedtime!

i’m home now. the table is cleaned off, dishes are done, bathrooms are cleaned, and vacuuming is done. i’m ready for a nap, possibly, then i will go for my three-mile run i should have done yesterday. with the help of sparkpeople i plotted a new three-mile course around the neighborhood. then i want to make a soup with the kale and carrots i cooked last night as the base. maybe i’ll throw in some chicken and whole wheat noodles.

i like to pray in the shower. i mean, God sees us no matter what we’re doing, so i figure why not pray when i’m washing my hair? it’s amazing how prayer does not have to be intricate or wordy. all God requires is that we have faith in what we pray. praying in the name of Jesus is quite a big deal, so we need to take it seriously. so, as usual, i prayed for this korea thing to keep going.

i’ve been refusing to check the waitlist because it honestly drives me nuts to see that we haven’t moved. well, i talked to aaron this morning on webcam via starbucks’ free wifi, and he told me we were 39 out of 73! God is good. the list used to have only 46 families on it. if we hadn’t gotten our paperwork through by emailing and bugging people, we might be at the end of that list. praise You, Lord!

i want to glorify God in this situation. i want to show everyone how big my God is and what He can do. i want to grow the fruits of patience and self-control. i’m going to be patient and control myself so God can move.

ok. tea time.

3 thoughts on “>sun tea weather

  1. >I pray in the shower toooooo!!!! I figure that's intimate time to myself…… why not let God in then… better time than ever! 🙂 Or is sing worship songs to God … that way he's the only one listening because he doesn't care that I can't carry a tune in a bucket!

  2. >mo – yeah, aaron's already there. he will be stationed there for three years. we have put in all my paperwork and are just waiting for people to move out so we can move in. korea in general can only support so many families. they recently opened it up to families coming there with their sponsors so it's really backlogged.heather – i listen to hillsong and practice my harmonies for sunday morning. 😉

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