>Dog days of summer

>Today was my third day on the job. It’s been relatively easy so far. I’ve been cashiering for the most part. Today was our yearly inventory so we had about 30 extra people in the store taking stock of everything. It was busy on top of that so that led to a busy day overall. I’m so tempted to buy things when I get off of work. So far, though, I’ve only spent $1.26 on a remnant that I’ll use to cover a lampshade and make a couple pillows for the living room.

I think overall I will spend less money. My drive to work is a mere fraction of my former job.. only 5 miles round trip as opposed to 60! It’s crazy to think I drove that far every day for two years. The miles went by fast, though. I made some chicken and whole wheat penne with cream of mushroom soup and tons of green veggies last night. I had some of that for lunch, and overall, I’ve been eating pretty “clean” and healthy. It feels so great to not even want the chips in the breakroom or to stop at McDonald’s on my way home.

I have 30 hours this week and 24.5 next week, and I don’t see myself getting off early. I don’t mind working retail as long as I can stay busy. We are always busy putting things away, helping customers find items or ringing up purchases.

My running schedule this week has gone great! Last week I didn’t miss a day of training, and haven’t so far this week either.

Sunday: 5 miles in 55:41
Monday: Elliptical and strength training (easy day)
Tuesday: 4 miles in 44:34
Today: ~2 miles of interval training (around 25:00) and strength training
Tomorrow: 4 miles
Friday: REST!
Saturday: Run for Life 5K
Sunday: 6 mile run… I’m a little nervous about this.

I calculated that I’m burning about 2700 calories per week on this schedule. That’s a lot! So SparkPeople has me eating between 1680-2030 calories per day to lose about 8 more pounds by October. I’m not sure if I will actually lose that, and I’m not sure if I want to. If I could just redistribute some weight into muscle that would be great.

I considered repeating a week where I had missed a few days, but since I cranked out the five-miler on Sunday, I decided to go ahead with this week, Week 5. I’m considering signing up for another 5K or two, and maybe a 10K in September. The 10K I’m looking at is only $20 so if I’m in Korea by then, I won’t be losing a ton of money.

I have a couple of sewing projects to work on tomorrow, a day off! I also need to do some things around here as usual.

Off to read a little bit before bed.. I’m beat. Have a good night, all!

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