>Don’t you love those moments, or minutes on end, where you can just feel the presence of God? Sometimes I feel it so strongly that it’s almost painful. The purity of His presence has no place in my adulterated heart, but He still desires to be with me. Psalm 139 and Isaiah 46 have been the crux of my reading lately. Such great promises that we can claim thousands of years later!


Is my presence not enough for you? Child, I am more than enough to meet your needs. Don’t forget I made the heavens and the earth and raised Jesus from the grave. Surely I can comfort you when you feel weak or lonely – remember that my power is made perfect in your weakness. Cast all your cares on me, because I care deeply for you.

Oh God, you are good and your mercy endures forever. When I am afraid you are with me. When I am lonely you comfort me. Only in my distress can you alone bring peace and satisfaction. I will serve you and be faithful in my current station. I believe that you can do what you say you can do. If you couldn’t, you would be denying your own character. I have found you in the midst of my weakness; do not depart from me. I know you will never leave or forsake me. You are teaching me how to rely on you and put all my trust in you alone. I will be able to show and testify of your great love for me, and I will be able to sing praise from my own experience.

Let me comfort you, my child. Let me wrap my arms around you. Even before you were on this earth I knew your name. Elizabeth. Consecrated to God, to me. Ordained for great things. In a righteous spirit you will accomplish much in my name. I will never leave you though your heart may stray. Be steadfast, let me be your anchor.

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