>Great end to a busy week + debt update

>Last week was busy with starting my new job. I had almost 30 hours I think! Saturday I got off a little later than expected, but now I’m trained on pretty much everything at a basic level. It’ll be nice to go between different areas when I’m needed. I went to dinner at a friend’s house and that is always good fellowship. We had tacos. I purposely saved calories just for dinner because I knew I would eat a lot!

Saturday morning I ran my best 5K to date with a time of less than 31 minutes. The official results aren’t up yet, but I think it was about 30:49. I took off on the last tenth to eighth of a mile. My first mile was done in 9:45! I usually run a 10-11 minute mile for longer distances.

That time was despite my poor attitude when I first woke up and my ankle that had been bothering me last week. I took two days of rest last week in a row, and now I’ve been wearing an Ace bandage when I’m not wearing my good running shoes. It’s helped significantly.

Yesterday at church I had the opportunity to lead worship since our worship leader was gone. Practice went pretty well on Thursday, and I knew that the enemy would try to do his best to distract me before Sunday. I asked a few trusted people to pray for the situation and I was praying as well. In the middle of the night Saturday I woke up to put my arm around my husband and he wasn’t there. That was a major distraction. And then Sunday morning before actually leaving for practice and church it was just overall not a great morning. However, it all went well! I really enjoyed it and it was nice having all the songs in a key where I could sing melody comfortably all the way through. 😉

This week I will be working around the same amount of hours and hoping that we move up more on the waitlist. If we could have orders in hand in a month, I would be ecstatic. That would make it just about four months since we submitted our paperwork. Really, that’s about the norm. We are 23 out of 99 at this point.

We have $1000 left to pay off of this last pesky credit card (after this pay period) and I hope to pay it off with my paychecks before I go to Korea. Then it’s gazelle intensity on the student loans. We’ve paid off close to $16k total. We started with $61k, so that’s about a fourth of our debt! Here’s a screen shot of our debt snowball:

The last five are student loans, private and federal. I can’t believe we allowed ourselves to charge that much money to silly plastic cards. Ridiculous. However, Financial Peace University saved our finances. There is no way I could have been able to quit my job and get a minimum wage retail job had we not really gotten down and dirty about this.
I think if we have a secret, it would be three-fold: We tithe, pay ourselves first (savings) and allow ourselves some fun money. It’s really the same concept as eating in a healthy way. You have to allow yourself a little cookie or ice cream every now and then otherwise you’re prone to wolfing down an entire gallon of cookies n cream in one sitting.
Here’s to a fabulous week!

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