>Last "big-girl" paycheck and other things

>So this week I get my last paycheck from my teaching job. It’s been fantastic to have my pay spread out over twelve months. Working at my new job will cut my pay in half, but I’m thankful to 1) have a job and 2) have so many hours (I’ve been scheduled for 30 per week so far, and I can pick up shifts). In addition to that, I’ve been tutoring and sewing a little bit for people.

I think I’ve really improved my attitude about our situation, but I have my days… or weeks. Today is definitely one of those days. I almost feel like I won’t ever get there. Even when we get to the top of the list, there’s no guarantee that we’ll get orders right away. I won’t get my hopes up until I am on that plane bound across the sea. I’m having a really hard time with the way the command sponsorship process for Korea seems so poorly run. Here you have hundreds of families, and not to mention spouses without kids (us of course) who have no time frame of when they will be reunited with their soldier again. Absolutely no idea, not even a ballpark. I’ve tried, believe me. And I’ve seen people’s paperwork go through in two weeks, and others have had to wait seven months. At that point might as well do the rest of the year unaccompanied and then PCS out of Korea. Of course, then you run the risk of being deployed. Ugh. This is a never-ending cycle of what-ifs.

I’ve been sitting in this apartment for a few months now (when we first got orders for Texas) with a second bedroom half full of packed boxes. Then we got orders for Korea so I started trying to consolidate things. I took most of the things off the walls and I have one suitcase packed with winter clothes. You never know; I might have to unpack that suitcase here in Illinois so I can wear those clothes.

I’ve been reluctant to buy anything for our house because of the fact that I’m supposed to be moving soon. What if it gets broken or “lost”? Might as well wait till I’m over there, right? 

I’ve had our piano moved and found new homes for our cats. I never dreamed I’d still be sitting here in the middle of August with no idea of when I’d be leaving. I guess I was naive. Thank you, Army, for teaching me a thing or two about patience.

If you’ve gotten this far and not heard incessant whining, or if you just ignored it, you get a gold star.

I need to treat this like it’s the beginning of Basic, like I don’t know anything and just hope for the best. Keep myself busy most of the time with work, running, family, friends and church. We will be reaching the 18-month mark of living apart in October. That number just makes my heart drop into my stomach. I need my husband and he needs me.

I hope we’re together soon.

2 thoughts on “>Last "big-girl" paycheck and other things

  1. >Oh we went through it all trying to get to Germany. It took so long and it didn't seem like the people who needed to process the paperwork were doing their job. It should be a quick thing but it just isn't a lot of the time. I am sorry you have to deal with it all too. Just remember once you get there, and you will, it will be wonderful 🙂

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