>Three weeks until race day!

>My 10K is only three short weeks from Saturday. I’m really excited; I cannot believe how far I’ve come in my fitness from a year and a half ago. I remember that I couldn’t fathom even running for 10 minutes, let alone 6.2 miles. The most miles I’ve done at once is 5 consecutive, 8 nonconsecutive.

This week I’ve done two runs, one 4.5 and one 4. It feels so great that that is now my “standard” run, four miles. Four flippin’ miles. I never would have thought! I think in a few days I will attempt six just to see how it goes. That means I need to plot out a new course!

I’m really looking forward to the weather that weekend. It starts at 7:30 I believe, so it should be cool. Maybe it’ll be cool enough to wear some of my other new running clothes. I have yet to buy full-length tights and a jacket. I figured I’d wait on that until I need it.

My muscles have been awfully tight after those four-milers. It could be that last week I ran but one day, and only three miles. I’ve been cooling down with a short walk and stretching. I actually think though that the stretching is what hurt my right ankle a few weeks back.

I did other stretches today and no ankle pain. My calves ache however. The other day as part of cross-training I did 10 minutes on the stairstepper. Today I ran up a small hill on my toes (it helps propel me so much better than putting down my whole foot!) so I’m sure that contributed to it.

I probably need to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients. When I was losing weight I got into a certain mindset where I could almost guess how many calories I was ingesting on a daily basis. If I went over, I could tell just by how I felt and what I ate. Now, I really need to eat more calories to sustain what I’m burning. Right now since I’m maintaining this number, it has me eating between 2000-2300 calories a day. That seems like so many!

When I was losing weight, I was eating between 1300-1600 or something a day. I just have to shift how I think about food. Now, it’s fuel. I mean, it always was, but it’s so important now that I eat enough otherwise my body could be really confused. I have to remember that if I feel more full or like I’m “going over” that it’s okay. I have to fuel up on the good things, not think, “Oh, well, I’ll just eat McDonald’s today since I need more calories”.

I went to the grocery store on the way home from work and I have to say, I’ve become kind of a food snob. I bought the bakery bread, whole wheat noodles that are as close to homemade as pre-packaged noodles can come, Greek yogurt, soy milk, and lots of fruit. When I buy cereal, I buy only Kashi.

There are just some things I’m not willing to budge on. I don’t buy organic produce usually; it’s too darn expensive. But those are my priorities. Others would ask why if I’m trying to eat healthy, would I put toxins into my body. I haven’t felt like I should fight that battle, so I won’t quite yet.

Off to bed – busy day off tomorrow and Aaron’s calling me in a couple hours. ‘Night! Open your windows and enjoy the breeze and sounds of late summer.

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