>Working woman and other stories

>I took this part-time job expecting part-time work. This week I had 30 hours, next week I have 35 and the week after that I have 38. I’m really happy this has evolved into a practically full-time thing. God has been so good. Even if we did absolutely need the money (well, we have debt so technically we do) He still has provided a way. And in a job I like and am good at. I love helping people figure out how much fabric they need or how to read a pattern.

I really miss interacting with 100 teenagers per day, but I do not miss the constant stress of preparing lessons and the bureaucracy that comes with teaching full-time. No doubt I was good at that too, and I really enjoyed the challenge. I’m very happy to realize that I am perfectly content not using my degree the way society says I should.

I actually wouldn’t mind being an assistant or store manager someday in an environment like that. Overall, I long to be in some position of leadership. In teaching, it’s with students and possibly other teachers. With managing in retail, it’s over your employees. It will be interesting to see what the Lord holds for the future.

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