>The Army is kind of like life

>The only thing you can really count on is change.

Just to be clear, living in Korea for two to three years will not be a vacation. It’s life, just on the other side of the world. And as much as I would like to put on my rose-colored glasses and think that we will be inseparable for that time, that would be just naive. I choose to be naive about some things, but this isn’t one of them. Right now they’re calling for volunteers from my husband’s company to do an assignment up north for a few months. He’s not volunteering right now, but he will probably have to go eventually. It’s not dangerous, just isolated. From what he knows, only people in his MOS (job) do it. That in itself is pretty cool, and sexy.

So, of course I’m thinking about what I will do if and when he goes up there. I could stay in Pyeongtaek. I could go visit Cassandra in Spain. I could visit Honduras. I could do ministry with the women I meet on post. The possibilities are really endless, and money is not an issue. Well, let me take that back.

Money is a spiritual issue, as Pastor Grogan (Stone Creek Church in Urbana; check out his sermons). We know that for whatever we go through in life, God will take care of us financially. Sounds pretty, right? Cliche, yes? But let me tell you, I have countless testimonies of times just in our two years of marriage since we started tithing faithfully, even when we had no money, that God has provided despite the circumstances. If you don’t tithe to your local church, you should. As Pastor Rick says, “Attend where you tithe, or tithe where you attend.”

I’m going to try to make this not off topic from what I was writing about originally. My husband and I believe that the Lord is providing ways of getting our finances in order so that we are more free to serve Him with our time and money. It’s just amazing how my heart has changed concerning money, and even God’s plan for my life. This includes the time Aaron is serving in the military.

I’ve been having to check my attitude lately. Aaron calls me early in the morning, and so I’m not fully awake. That’s not an excuse for having a poor attitude about the possibility of him doing that assignment (DET, or detachment). Good thing I let him go for a short time so I could shower for the day because I did a bit of conversing with God, again while washing my hair, haha. (Refer to previous entries for the reference.) He reminds me time after time that there is no reason for me to feel anxious, or overwhelmed (or maybe just whelmed??), or fearful. He gives us enough strength for today, enough grace for the moment. It’s a beautiful thing.

His grace is making me a better wife. I can be supportive right away when a situation is brought up rather than having a pee-poor attitude and then apologizing for it later. I told Aaron about my praying in the shower and giving myself an attitude adjustment and he said, “Thank you”.

Tomorrow will have its own worries and problems, and will worry on its own (Matthew 6).

Today I choose to rely on His grace and strength.

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