>Thrift store finds and making our place a home

>Lately I’ve found some really cute thrift store items.

 Top: Goodwill; Scarf: Bromenn Thrift Store; Skirt: Target clearance; shoes: Payless (only full-price item); earrings: Old Navy clearance (they’re pearl beads on black cord)

Cute little tray!

From Goodwill: placemat (set of two), little tray, lamp base


Now for some pictures of my “new” lamps and just our living room, and a narrative included.

Finished lamp. When I went over to my grandparents’ the other day, my grandma offered me the lampshade. It’s pretty heavy duty and was probably on a lamp in the living room of the farmhouse. Lamp base from my parents; I grew up looking at it! My next project is these end tables, and also redoing my coffee table for a second time to match. Thinking of painting or staining an espresso color.

My view of one side of the living area. All furniture was given. The table to the right is my 1950’s Singer from my grandparents. I plan on taking it with us and using it. For right now because of lack of space I’m using it as an end table. The table on the right and the couch are from my parents. Also grew up with the couch. The coffee table has drop leaves and is from my in-laws. We found it in their storage unit all dusty, so she gave it to us. Restained it last summer.

Loveseat from my grandparents, again. Despite it being mostly wood, it’s light. The navy upholstery matches the couch and is newer. The table matches the other one. rocking chair is a La-Z-Boy from who knows when. Fortunately I don’t have to slipcover anything! In fact, I made our couch just work as is because 1) it’s in great condition still and 2) it would cost about $300 to reupholster it myself. And a big ole headache. The painting is an original by my sister Emily.

Lamp bought from JCPenney for around $35, marked down from $140 or something last year. The little red chair is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It will be my sewing chair. The seat opens up!

Normally there is more on the walls but took most of it down because of our move. 

Things I want to work on:
-Redoing tables
-A throw
-Steam clean the couch; probably hasn’t been done in 15+ years

Things I want to buy:
-New basket for blankets, or quilt rack!
-Magazine rack
-Guitar stand

I know all these things will come in time. I think there’s something to be said for recycling and creating something “new”. I just can’t fathom spending tons of money on a whole new living room when the items we have are either heirlooms or in perfectly good shape.

Hopefully none of my new creations will get lost in the move!

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