>A few favorite things


 Button-down sweaters. Most of these are from Target. I haven’t paid more than $14 for any of them. The hoodie is my VS Pink Army one that Aaron got me for Christmas.

 My students can tell you that I looooove big earrings. Here is my stash, which I don’t pay more than $4 a pair for. A lot are Kohl’s, Old Navy and Target clearance.

 Got these tonight! Love!!!

 Flats. I have a few more pairs than this. A lot are from American Eagle clearance. Old Navy, Vanity, Shoe Dept. No more than $15 a pair.

Scarves. Many are from Claire’s actually –  they had a huge sale and were only like $3 each! Then of course my thrift store finds and Walmart ones.

Tea! Emily is a shift supervisor at Starbucks so I benefit from that greatly with the Tazo Tea.

My other favorite thing is skinny jeans. I never thought I’d like them, much less wear them and love it. When I was bigger I really didn’t have the confidence to wear them but I could have anyway. I think if you get the right cut and wash they can flatter just about any figure. These are the ones I bought (obviously not me as this chick is like a size 2):

I got the longs and I roll them up one time. So cute and comfortable. If I were rich I’d buy multiple pairs of this one jean. And I will pay full price for a jean that fits well and you know will last. I love American Eagle’s selection. I can even dry them and they don’t end up too short!

I’m by no means a fashionista, but I know what I like and I know how to spend my clothing budget wisely, and I also try to dress my body well. I haven’t always attempted to be stylish, but now for the first time in my life I’m comfortable with my style.

One thought on “>A few favorite things

  1. >aaaah!!!! i love big earrings and scarves TOO!! i'm afraid to wear skinny jeans… i lack a bum to hold them up, ha!!

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