>Mastering my fear of Saturday

>When I was younger, Saturday morning was not for wimps in our house. We got up, got dressed, and went to the grocery store or started putting our initials next to the chores we wanted to do on the list. You snooze, you lose! And then you have to clean the little bathroom or dust the dining room chairs. (Remember, Emily & Leah?)

In high school, Saturdays in the fall were mainly for marching band competitions around Illinois, and in the spring they were for doing homework, working, or camping with family.

In college, they were for working and homework, and later lesson planning. And visiting Aaron in Champaign.

So now that I’m an adult (when exactly did that happen??) and my husband is not here, I have to conquer the Saturday on my own. Yes, the Saturday. It’s hard to make myself not feel guilty for crossing off a ginormous list of to-do’s, even on the day everyone looks forward to during the week. Before you jump to conclusions, yes, I’m a little bit crazy.

Thankfully, my “part-time” (uhhh 36 hours a week isn’t exactly part-time, but nevermind the minor detail) job keeps me busy most Saturdays. The last one I had off was two weeks ago, but I was busy with the 10K, my cousin’s wedding and my brother- and sister-in-law’s party.

Today I woke up at a decent time, around eight. Actually got up, showered, got ready. Stopped by Starbucks, went to Jo-Ann’s (so funny how at your workplace you’re not easily recognized in your street clothes), spent a good portion of my morning at Borders, spent time with my parents at the campground, went for an awesome 6.73-mile run (let’s just call it seven, shall we? ;)) and then watched a movie over Skype with my husband.

I relaxed today, did what I wanted, when I wanted to. Got some dishes done, though can’t say the same for laundry. All without freaking out about having “nothing to do” and being “bored”. All without pining away for circumstances that are still far off.

One small step for mankind, one giant leap for Elizabeth.

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