>Going on eight years of memories

>Aaron and I have known each other for ten years, when we were in high school and I dated his younger brother, Keith. When you’ve been together for 7.5 years, some memories start to dim. A few just popped into my head tonight.

Aaron worked at Subway for awhile. I remember going in there one evening to catch him on his break and he gave me a book. It was a little pocket guide to stargazing. We’ve used it a couple times. I remember though he used to smell of Subway. Haha. And his curly hair was pushed down under his hat. What a cutie.

We had a fight, or “discussion” one time on our way home from Peoria, I think, late. I remember we wanted to go to Dairy Queen in Pekin (down by the riiiiiver) and it ended up being closed. Not sure what happened after that.

One week after we started dating we were coming home from Fusion (youth group) or something and it poured down rain. We got totally soaked and ended up going to my parents’ house until it let up.

One year we had a huge snowstorm the day before Thanksgiving. My mom wouldn’t let him drive home until it was over. I was happy of course that he was stuck with me for a few hours.

I remember the first time I went to pick him up in Urbana. It was at night, and I’d never driven that far by myself. I had directions. When you get to Bloomington, 74 splits off, and you’re on 55 for a few miles. The mile marker said 160 and I knew Champaign was 184 (Cunningham Ave). But 160 was the mile marker for 55, not 74. I was really at mile 130-something on 74. That drive was never the same.

My heart sank because I realized I had about 50 miles left.. in the dark. On one of the most boring interstates ever. I think it was also rainy. I remember him standing out in the driveway of the Master’s Commission house with his stuff. I hadn’t seen him in six weeks. He wasn’t even supposed to be leaving, I don’t think. I drove past him the first time and then had to turn around. That was the longest we had gone without seeing each other. That was six years ago.

Regardless of the road we take over the many years to come, I know one thing for sure.. okay. Make it two.
1) I love this man with all of my heart and 100% believe we are meant to be together.
2) If we want to experience good things, we will have to fight for them.
(3, just because: our kids will be so adorable!!!)

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