>Work. Run. Aaron. Sleep. Repeat.

>I’ve been able to relax and go to bed at a decent time two nights in a row. Aaron’s been on weird hours.. he just worked a 24-hour CQ shift, gotta love those. Right now he’s sleeping so I’ll be going to bed soon.

It’s funny.. anyone reading that first little bit without knowing my situation would think that we live together. It’s only natural, right? Last week was a good week because I feel like soon this will be over. Like we’re almost to the finish line.

Saturday when I was at work, for no reason at all, all of a sudden I missed him so much, like almost a physical pain. Melodramatic, I know. But that’s how it felt.

A few weeks ago we learned that command sponsorship had been suspended. Now I guess it’s going, just very very slowly. They’re making some changes with the whole policy and process across the board, to include all branches of the armed forces.

We are waiting on God and we know that He directs our steps. He’s bigger than both of us, and surely bigger than the Army. Hooah.

In the meantime, I’ve been training pretty hard for the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chi-town in less than three weeks! That’s 9.3 miles, folks. I ran a total of 20.46 miles last week. After having run 11-15 miles in a given week (usually towards the lower end), I was a little nervous about upping my mileage. But it went well.

Regina and I ran a great eight-miler the other night that took us 1:28:45. That’s about an 11-minute mile. I know many people would tell us we’re barely running, even jogging, but it felt like running to us! Most of the time we weren’t talking and just focusing on our breathing. Normally I have headphones in, so it was a good experience to not use them for that long of a run. We only have to tack on 1.3 miles for the race! I’m so excited.

We’re (me, Regina, and her friend Karen) taking the train up the day before, maybe doing some shopping, and definitely having a delicious meal of some sort. It will be a nice getaway. I love Chicago.

Work is going well, thanks for asking. I’m still working about 35 hours a week, which definitely keeps me busy. I usually work days, which is a blessing because then I’m able to run in the evenings, or do church things. Next week I have only 32 hours. I know three or four hours on paper isn’t a big difference, but my shifts will be shorter. Bank account, meet bigger numbers.

Thanks for reading this mundane entry.. hopefully I’ll have some really good news soon about Korea. Keep praying; I know I am!

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